Contact Me via Email

Email is still the best (albeit the least imaginative) way to get in touch with me.

Find Me on Social Media

These are my digital watering holes, if you are looking for a more casual encounter...

Twitter: @rthaut

Twitter is more like a way for you to to stalk follow me than to actually communicate with me, but maybe that is your goal...

GitHub: @rthaut

Most of what I work on (at least professionally) is proprietary, but some of my more recent side projects can be found on GitHub.

LinkedIn: Ryan Thaut

Just FYI: I probably won't "add you to my professional network" unless you actually write your own message in the request.

DeviantArt: rthaut

I'm mostly inactive on DeviantArt these days, except for my deviantART Filter project, but this is where most of portfolio lives on.

Dribbble: rthaut

Another community in which I have unfortunately been scarce of late. Hopefully I'll have some design work to start posting there in the future.